Teaching Locations

Please note that listed locations may not be used every term – class locations are indicated on the course outline which can be found on the HOME page of this site.

Crossman Centre/Kay Arena, is located at 99 Wynwood Drive, Moncton

Holy Family Parish Hall is located at 63-65 Church Street Amherst.

The Lafford Classroom is located at 16 Lorne Street in Sackville, NB.  The building is large and white.  There is a sign on the side of the building identifying it as the Tantramar Seniors’ College.  Our classroom is around the back.

Lakeview Tower is located at 21 Crystal Drive, Riverview NB.

New Brunswick Community College is at 1234 Mountain Road Moncton, NB.  For our classroom, go in the small door between the main door and the underpass (leading to the back of the building) and turn right.

Nova Scotia Community College is at  147 South Albion Street, Amherst

Peoples Park Tower is located at 960 St. George Boulevard, Moncton

Shediac Multipurpose Centre, 58 Festival Street, is next door to the Shediac Arena off Belliveau Street…which runs parallel to Main Street (on the water side).

Tantramar Community Radio Station is located at 141-S Victoria Street East, Amherst NS (and 107.9 on the radio dial).

Trinity-St. Stephen’s United Church is located at 1 Ratchford St, Amherst, NS.  It is between Dayle’s and the Post Office.

New locations are added as they are needed and become available, all location details are found on the course outlines.  These can be found on the HOME page by clicking on the course title

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