Our Volunteers

Our courses are arranged and taught by volunteers.  We wish to thank our Instructors and Presenters for their work.  We could not exist without them!

Curriculum Committees and Board Volunteers in 2016-17

Alan Morrison
Barb Jardine
Bev Taylor
Cathy Airey
Dave Bray
Doug Steadman
Dick Beswick
Elizabeth morrison
Floyd Anderson
Eric Guy
Heather Taylor
Helena Rudderham
Hather Patterson
Heather Taylor
Jocelyne Ross
John Filliter
Judith Robichaud
Joanne Koot
Karen Mills
Ken Adams
Leslie Childs
Linda Macdonald
Lisbeth Hansen
Marlene Leblanc
Mary Coates
Mike Sullivan
Margaret Beattie
Margaret Beattie
Richard (Dick) Beswick
Nancy Vogan
Peter Spence
Roger Albert
Richard Beswick
Sheila Graham
Wayne Harrigan
Roger Albert
Susan Spence
Wallie Simieritsch

Instructors in 2016-17

Jacek Brachaniec
 Annette Leblanc-Carroll
 Armand Robichaud
 Bill Belliveau
 Bob Cameron
 Debbie Batog
 Earl Church
 Elizabeth Morrissey
 Janet Cameron
 Jean Short
 Joanna LeBlanc
 Linda Tower
 Louis Melanson
 Marlene Leblanc
 Pattie Moody
 Steve Campbell
 Wade Short
Alex Fancy
Alex Whitla
Aline Acaf
Andrea Evans
Andrew MacFarlane
Andy Moore
Anne Miller
Anne Posch
Anne Posch
Antonia Rubio-Reyes
Art Miller
Art Swedersky
Bill Snowdon
Brenda Clarke
Brenda Trafford
Brian MacIver
Bruno Leitner
Carol Oram
Carolyn Bembridge
Cathy Airey
Chris Harbourne
Clarence Cormier
Corey Ferguson
Daisy Mah
Dale Creelman
Dave Mckellar
David Alston
Debbie Cooney
Denise Corey
Dick Beswick
Don MacIntyre
Donna Capper
Donna Ripley
Dorothy Phinney
Dot Arthurs
Dr. Ashlee Drover
Dr. Helen Sandland
Dr. Joe Donachie
Ed Childs
Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin
Emma Mac Phee
Etta Adams
Eva Leitner
Faye Hicks
Floyd Anderson
Gail Chartrand
George Woodburn
Greta Doucet
Greta Patterson
Harold Popma
Heather Patterson
Heather Shatford
Heather Taylor
Helen Dyer
Hugh Brown
Huguette Lagacé
Ian Hamilton
Janet Longaphie
Jean Siddall
Jeannine Daley
Jeremie LeBlanc
Jillian Reid
Jim Taylor
Joan Beswick
Joann Dnistransky
Joanne Koot
Jocelyne Ross
John Filliter
Jon Shute
Joseph Koot
Judy Jonah
Karen Mills
Kate Bredin
Kathern Geldart
Kathy Sather
Ken Adams
Kevin Snair
Kitty Kasib
Laurence Marie
Leslie Childs
Lingxia Gao
Lynne Lines
Margaret Beattie
Michael Capper
Michelle LeBlanc
Mike Sullivan
Milu Rodrigues
Monika Boehringer
Morris Haugg
Nancy Keast
Neil Delaney
Odette Pellerin
Pat Dixon
Paul Bogaard
Phyllis Cameron
Phyllis Murray
Pimmy Minocha
Pravin Varma
Rachelle Poirier
Ralph Belliveau
Ray Bristol
Ray Dixon
Rhea Gallant
Richard Beswick
Richard Elliot
Richard Lachance
Richard Toy
Rick Murray
Rick Toupin
Robin True
Ron Beattie
Ron Kelly Spurles
Roy Peirog
Ruth Mary Mac Pherson
Sandy Fairbanks
Sarah Lord
Scott Murray
Sharon Ayer
Sharron Steeves
Sheila Graham
Sherry Smith
Shirley Ann Hallee
Stephen Puddle
Steve Ridlington
Susan Amos
Susan Duquette
Susan Fisher
Susan Lunney
Susan Spence
Terry McManaman
Victoria Faire Proprietors
Wallie Simieritsch
Walt Jones
Warren Redman
Wayne Lines
Wayne McCarty
Wendy Amos Binks
Will Kealy
Youngju Kim Oh


Presenters in 2016-17

Ben McMichael
 Armand Robichaud
 Bob Osborne
 Brenda Mitton
 Eric Guy
 Felix Robitaille
 Gavin Hardie
 Ginette Robichaud
 Jeff and Linda Deloughery
 Jo-anne Belliveau
 Jocelyne Ross
 Kim Collier
 Peter Woodworth
 Richard Toy
 Sang Maeng
 Stephanie Drossos
 Stephen and Jane Claxton-Oldfield
 Susan jardine
 Victor Bourque
 Violet C. Chappell
 Wade Hamilton
 Wiebke Tinney
Al Beck and Laura Healey
Andy Malolepszy
Antonija Glavas
Arthur Melanson
Barbara Jardine
Berkeley Fleming
Betty Morrissey
Bob Betts
Catherine Cox
Cecil Mallory
Chantal Thanh Laplante
Colleen Campbell
Deborah Robichaud
Donna Tremble
Dr. Souad H’Mida
Felix Baerlocher
Geoffrey Denert
Gerry Bartlett
Heather Ann Mabey
Jane Drover
Jean Siddall
Jim and Suzanne Edward
Joy Trite
June Jefford
Kathy Sather
Linda Gutteridge
Margaret Anne Macbeath and Rich Willis
Marilyn Uptown
Mark Gourley
Marlene Leblanc
Mary Campbell
Michelle Gignac
Nancy J. Leblanc
Peter Ford
Sebastian Richard
Serge Remi Parent
Susan O’Keefe and Bill Vance
Terry Malley
Tim Borlase
Verna Poirier
Veronique Maillet
Wayne and Barb Harrigan
Yves Frenette

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From the information provided, I understand there will be a spring session. Am I correct?

Comment by Nancy Watters

Yes, there are three sessions (fall, winter, and spring). Whenever you pay, you receive a membership for three terms.

Comment by tantramarseniorscollege

Hello Sackville –I lived in Sackville for a dozen years until recently and at 81, I moved back to Calgary near my children. Reading the Seniors College web site brings wonderful memories and appreciation for Sackville and TSC, and friends.

Layton Fisher

Comment by Layton Fisher

Thanks for you comments Layton, we have fond memories of you too. Wishing you and your family all the very best.

Comment by tantramarseniorscollege

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