Our Volunteers

Our courses are arranged and taught by volunteers.  We wish to thank our Instructors and Presenters for their work.  We could not exist without them!

Curriculum Committees and Board Volunteers in 2020-21

Heather Patterson
Linda MacDonald
Sandra Wallace
Karen Mills
Elizabeth Morrison
Kate Bredin
Judith Robichaud
Mary Lynn Chapman
Ed Possberg
Jacek Brachaniec
Deb Cooney
Cathy Airey
Roger Albert
Floyd Anderson
David Beckerson
Mary Coates
Debbie Cooney
Eric Guy
Lisbeth Hansen
Wayne Harrigan
Phyllis Murray
Doug Steadman
Heather Taylor
Bea Patterson
Bob Cameron
John Filliter
Ken Caroll
Louis Melanson
Dave Bray
Eileen Herteis
Magi Beaton
Margaret Beattie
Shirley Gillian-Branscombe
Susan Dales
Joan Beswick
Dick Beswick
Jane Wood
Ken Adams
“Saint” Ray Dixon

Instructors and Presenters in 2020

Bill Belliveau

Jacek Brachaniec

Kate Bredin & Richard Elliot

Larry Duchesne

Georgina Fitzpatrick

Joanne Koot

Roger Mazerolle

Daniel Primeau

Colin Thornton

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